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Our Mission

MHDS Stands for Integrity

At MH Derivative Solutions, LLC, we believe learning should be fun, uncomplicated and leave the learner with skills they can use tomorrow. Yes, you read that right. Our goal is for each participant to leave with a new skill they can use immediately.  Their skill set will grow organically by being able to review course materials, receive brain teasers and other educational tools.

Why We’re Different

In part, we’re different is because we focus on derivatives, a niche market. We’ve chosen our current integrated Training focus because the recent regulatory changes have been so widespread courses needed to be taught across the value chain.  So we designed courses to answer this level of need.  Our courses combine cutting-edge concepts on education and our neural pathways.  We stay current on teaching methods so our clients are confident their learners will be challenged in a significant way.  Our clients gain insights by viewing the learner’s results and learners enjoy the course and post-course support.

We provide learners with the support they need. After they’ve taken a class the materials stay with the license holder for the full period covered by the license allowing learners to review and reference material as needed. If you have a question, just message MHDS.

There’s a reason our tag is “Change is…Constant”.  As the derivatives world changes, so will the website.  You will still be able to find previous items in the same place as well as access new material during your license period.


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What Makes MHDS So Special

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Meet Our Owner, McCabe Hurley

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