McCabe Hurley, Principal

MHDS is owned by McCabe Hurley.  McCabe’s professional dream became real while still in high school. A work-study program put her in the right place at the right time.

Starting work in 1978, she grew up with the derivatives market. This gives her a unique perspective of watching the derivatives market experience it’s growing pains. Understanding what went wrong, why it went wrong and how the industry fixed the problem.

McCabe’s experience left her well prepared to start MHDS

  • She began as a trading desk assistant for a small risk arbitrage firm, Easton & Co., Inc. After a while, she began trading options for them. From there she went to work for Chicago Research & Trading as an options market maker on the American Stock Exchange.
  • She did another stint as an options market maker on the New York Mercantile Exchange with her own partnership trading natural gas options.
  • She moved over to marketing swaps for Credit Lyonnais introducing the product to a new user group, asset manager and pension funds.
  • As part of Commerzbank’s Corporate Solutions Group. With a few landmark transactions under her belt and four years working with a wonderful lady, she decided to startup MHDS again. It was time. There was an opportunity and work to be done in her wheelhouse.