Swaps Execution Facilities Tracker December 2015

FIA publishes SEF statistics 1215

Swaps Execution Facilities Tracker December 2015

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The Future Industry Association released its latest stats on Swap Execution Facilities Reports in December 2015.

As SEFs become more important to the market for the transparency of transactions, these monthly reports from the FIA have been implemented to illustrate those results. At a glance, their charts show which SEFs are being used and which products are growing over time.

Once certain SEFs become the market’s SEFs of choice, the market will become more transparent, thus accomplishing one of Dodd-Frank’s cornerstone purposes.


The market can research SEF volume, the number of trades on the SEFs, and whether the trade size is larger or smaller than average.

  • The growth in swap volume with a lower number of trades infers larger trades are being submitted for execution.
  • Comparing SEF and clearing stats provides users with a more complete picture, allowing for greater transparency.

Compared over time, the stats in each monthly report will show the market if we’re reaping the benefits of the SEF system.  Use this link to view volumes in SEFs.  Data provided by FIA.

ISDA published a piece last year, focusing on end users.  It’s worth a look if you have a moment.

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